The Experience Framework

The Experience Framework provides a set of guiding principles and resources which enables corporate organisations to deliver exceptional customer experiences. This is done through online learning, leadership coaching and a set of quality assurance tools. 

There are five key elements of the approach which all work together in a holistic fashion. The purpose of the Framework is teach organisations how to improve customer relations, increase customer retention and simplify dispute resolution. 

Five Key Elements

  • Cultural Assessment: Understand how customer centric your company is and what is standing in the way of better customer service results.
  • Staff Training: Ensure all customer facing staff have the right skills to deliver exceptional customer experiences every time.
  • Compliance: Ensure all of your training materials and internal documents are providing the information employees need to do their job correctly.
  • Leadership Coaching: Equip your leaders with the tools, skills and mindsets they need to lead customer facing teams.

Discovery Call

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