About Our Courses

People and talent are undoubtedly the best assets a company has. So, it makes sense to invest in training those people to feel confident and knowledgeable in their roles.

From improving communication skills to gaining technical knowledge, we’ve got you covered. All of our classes are delivered live and online by a subject expert.

We have a growing number of customer experience and professional development courses on offer.

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Course Features

  • Delivered online as a live class
  • Full or half-day classes available
  • Step by step action plans given to all learners
  • Ebook for every learner
  • Engaging, informative and interactive learning
  • Over 15 years of expertise put into each class
  • Group discounts available
  • Certificate of completion

The Excellent Concierge Masterclass

Who is the course for?

Our Concierge Masterclass is tailored for frontline hotel staff. The class is also suited for Concierge staff working in residential buildings. Staff can boost their career development, skills and CV by attending this class.

Learners will leave feeling empowered with practical knowledge and motivated to provide excellent customer service every day.


  1. Foundations – Learn the foundational principles that build an excellent Concierge. Understand the importance of individual responsibility and how to take ownership.
  2. The 7 Characteristics of an Excellent Concierge – Gain a deep understanding of the 7 characteristics that make up an excellent Concierge. Learn the practical steps needed to achieve each trait.
  3. Producing High Service Standards – Understand the practical steps needed to produce amazing customer experiences every day.
  4. The Communication Workshop – Gain professional communication skills for face to face interactions, customer phone calls and emails.
  5. Complaint Handling 101 – Understand the basics of dealing with unhappy guests or residents. Learn how to practically and effectively deal with complaints.
  6. High-Performance Skills – Learn the 10 key skills that will lead to high performance every day.

Course Details

  • Price: £187.00 per learner
  • Time: 9:30am – 4pm BST
  • Dates: Classes available to suit your team’s working patterns

The Excellent Concierge Masterclass is a full day class delivered over Zoom.

To book your team onto the course, get in touch with us today. We’ll contact with you within 1 business day to arrange your class.

The Time Management Roadmap

Who is the course for?

Let’s be honest, we all want more time to get things done. But here’s the thing, we only have 24 hours in the day. Life is getting more and more demanding and time seems to have reduced dramatically. 

The Time Management Roadmap is designed for busy corporate professionals dealing with customers, clients, teams, full schedules and busy personal lives. 

Go from overcommitted and stressed to prioritised and planned. 

We can’t promise you more time, but we can promise you better planning, prioritising and top class time management skills.


  • Identifying Weaknesses – Learn the 5 common problems all of us face when it comes to time and how to overcome them. Are you overcommitted? Do you lack focus? Are you running low on energy? Find out in this first module.
  • Good Stewardship – Learn the exact steps you need to take in order to tell time where to go. Stop allowing time to feel out of control and gain your sanity back.
  • Strategy – You will be given several options on how to effectively plan your time, commitments and priorities.
  • Execution – Learn how to effectively execute your chosen strategy. You’ll receive spreadsheets and workbooks as part of the course.
  • Delegation – You can delegate anything from housework to business tasks. Get out of the “one-man band” mindset and become a delegation expert.

Course Details

  • Price: £127.00 per learner
  • Time: 9:30am – 1pm
  • Date: Various dates coming up in spring

The Time Management Roadmap is a half day class delivered over Zoom. We’ll be opening the course for enrolment soon.

Join our VIP waitlist and we’ll let you know when enrolment opens. You’ll also get 10% off the course by signing up.

Complaint Handling 101

Who is the course for?

Complaint handling can be an exhausting job. Without the correct tools, mindsets and technical ability you can end up feeling stuck at work. 

Complaint Handling 101 is designed specifically for frontline complaint handling staff and managers. The course is suited for those working in the following sectors:

  • Financial services
  • Local authorities
  • Retail
  • Law
  • Energy
  • Hospitality

Learn the technical skills and mindsets you need to become a master at complaint handling. 


  • The Four-Stage Framework – Learn the four stages which every complaint must go through in order to be resolved. Understand our simplified approach and how to reduce your workload.
  • Investigate Like a Pro – Take a deep dive into the most effective investigation techniques that will increase your productivity and reduce your stress.
  • Complaint Handling Techniques – Our subject expert spent 7 years in professional complaint handling. Learn first hand the techniques you need to succeed every day.
  • Delivering Outcomes – Understand how to deliver the outcome of a complaint over the phone and in writing. Become a master at delivering both good and bad news.
  • Dealing with Challenging Customers – You’ll learn the practical steps to effectively deal with various different customers. This includes complainants who are angry, upset, talkative, rude or abusive.
  • Compensation – Learn when and how to provide compensation and the different types of compensation.
  • High-Performance Skills – Learn the 10 key skills that will lead to high performance every day.


To book your team onto Complaint Handling 101, please get in touch with us and we’ll call you back with a quote.

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International Bookings

We’re excited to connect with learners from all over the world and across various industries.

All of our courses are virtual and delivered across international time zones from our base in the U.K.

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