Hi, I’m Rachel Founder of The Experience Corporation. Thank you for being here today and checking out our company!

My Journey

I started my career working in major retail stores such as M&S and Tesco. This is where I first got the desire to serve customers to a high standard. 

I went on to work at Santander in a retail bank. I learnt the ropes on how to manage large customer queues, serve customers under pressure and helped to run the branch from a management perspective.

I moved on to a 7-year career at the U.K’s Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) working in various roles. I gained invaluable experience consulting customers, investigating complaints and advising companies of best practice.

I also managed a team of complaint handlers and obtained a certified Professional Bankers Diploma.

The Training Bug

Whist at the FOS, I volunteered as a customer experience trainer for the NHS and various other companies. I co created and delivered the training sessions which were a huge success.

I loved creating content and sharing my experience so much that it sparked a desire to become a trainer full time.

Starting Out

After having my second beautiful baby Gabriella, I decided to follow the call I felt within myself to start my own company. I had a burning desire to help organisations improve customer experience and support their workforce through training.

Our Beliefs

We truly believe that your staff are the most important asset to your company and its success. However, those on the front line often feel undervalued and under equipped to deal with the demanding nature of a customer facing role.

To help with this, our company focus on three core principles: 

Invest In Your People

All employees in have the right to valuable training that will equip them in their roles.

Continuous Professional Development 

Training should be a continuous aspect of the workplace culture. This provides a healthy flow of support and opportunities for professional growth. 

Engaging & Accessible Training 

Training should be engaging and valuable catering to all learning styles.

We provide online training and resources, enabling us to serve all work life patterns.