Spotlight Interview With Georgia Lennard Co – Founder Of Beyond Balance: Going The Extra Mile

I’m super excited to have interviewed Georgia Lennard for this blog post. Georgia runs a health and fitness business with her husband Simon. Together, the couple provide exceptional customer experiences for their clients.

Read on to find how Georgia goes above and beyond for her customers and uncover her future plans to continuously improve her services.

Tell us about yourself and how you started your company. 

Hi, I’m Georgia, a Nutritional Therapist meaning that I help people with their daily nutrition whilst also digging deeper to reveal the underlying causes of health symptoms using laboratory testing. My husband, Simon (Company Director) and I started Beyond Balance Inc in 2015 to bring specialist training and nutrition together as a potent combination to help people optimise their health. 

After reversing my thyroid disease (Hashimoto’s), I developed a special interest in thyroid health. I use a functional medicine approach where I bring gut health, nutrition, supplements, liver health, adrenal health and movement together. I recently had twins and also have a 5 y/o daughter. I love spending time with my children, working out, really good coffee and praying in the morning.

Who are your customers and how do you serve them?

Our customers are men and women aged 30 – 60 who want to invest in their health and wellbeing. 

We give lots of health information on social media, specifically our  Instagram account, and we also provide talks, workshops and free workouts from time to time.

Our paid services include:

  • Functional laboratory testing (thyroid, gut health, hormones, food intolerances and more)
  • Zoom calls to discuss test results
  • Nutrition Plans based on test results
  • One on one personal training sessions
  • Personalised workout programs via an app
  • One on one Nutrition consultations

How do you provide great customer experiences for your customers? 

We serve people to the best of our abilities by using a client-centred approach whereby we let the client know and feel that we are a team and they are supported, getting back to communications promptly and personalising every detail of our client plans based on regular feedback on their progress.

In your opinion what do you think makes a great customer experience? 

Consistency, clarity, protocols based on facts, prompt responses, regular communication, supportive language and personal touches.

Can you give us an example of when you provided excellent CX to a customer or client? 

We recently created a 6-week training program for a client and we created each week of workouts after receiving her feedback via the app on the previous week. We personalised the exercises to fit her goals and in her words, this was “the best investment I have made in myself in a very long time. Perhaps ever.” 

Do you have any plans to improve customer experience in your company? If you do, how are you planning to do this? 

Yes, we are always aiming to improve the customer’s experience with us. We are arranging extra childcare so that we can spend time updating our systems, providing more content and giving more attention to detail.

We would like to hire a business coach in the future to help us create group programs so that we can help more people but still give them an outstanding experience and the value of a group aiming for the same goal.

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