Key Lessons From Ralph Lauren’s Digital Customer Experience Shift

Ralph Lauren Leads a Digital CX Transformation 

An article was recently published reporting on Ralph Lauren’s digital transformation. The company has focused on elevating customer experience (CX) by improving it’s online presence and leaning into innovation. 

As a result, Ralph Lauren reported a 52% acceleration in digital sales, increased customer acquisition and have ranked number 5 on Gartner’s top 10 luxury brands in digital. Whist other luxury brands have shrunk back due to the pandemic, Ralph Lauren has soared. 

So, what can other companies learn from Ralph Lauren? This blog post will set out 4 key lessons we can glean from Ralph Lauren’s success. 

Whether you’re a retailer, start-up, or represent a large established organisation; read on for practical measures to improve your company’s digital CX transformation. 

Use a Variety Of Digital Platforms 

Ralph Lauren are present on several digital platforms. They have a YouTube channelseveral Instagram accountscompany website and mobile app. Each platform is a place for customers to connect with their brand without having to enter a physical store. The company brings a sense of excellence, classic luxury and modern relevance to each platform. This is done through high quality images, cinematic storytelling and a great attention to detail. 

Lesson one is to be present on a variety of digital platforms as this exposes your company to new audiences and reengages existing customers. The content on each platform should be well thought out showcasing your company’s brand story, products and services. It’s vital to upload regular quality content including blog posts, brand insights and new products. 

Elevate The Digital Experience 

Ralph Lauren focussed on transforming the customer experience by improving their mobile app and connecting in store and online experiences. They also consistently produce high quality YouTube videos showcasing their products, fashion shows, company history and the fashion side of sporting events. 

The improvements to their mobile app included a simplified checkout flow. This resulted in mobile orders growing by 34%

Lesson two is to improve and elevate your digital presence. This can be done by updating your website design, producing premium free content, or adding an app to your business model. If you choose to add an app, ensure it adds value to your customers and makes purchases easier. 

Establish Core Values 

A strategic framework sets out a set of core values, guiding principles and may include a company mission statement. Ralph Lauren includes the following guiding principles as part of their strategic framework

  • Lead with digital
  • Win over a new generation
  • Consumer at the centre 

These principles act as a roadmap for directing the company’s actions and efforts. As I explored Ralph Lauren’s website, mobile app and Instagram page these values really did shine through. Each of the company’s platforms felt like the consumer really was at the heart. Everything is elevated, well thought out and showcases products in excellence. 

Lesson three is to have principles within a company framework that can direct the efforts and focus of your company. 

Embrace Digital Innovation 

One of the most exciting things Ralph Lauren has done is partnered with Bitmoji. They have created a collection of clothes which Bitmoji users can try on for free. The company also hosted a virtual concert with Chance the rapper which was streamed live on their social platforms. 

This is me trying on Ralph Lauren’s double-breasted navy blazer. As you can see I’m having lot’s of fun!

Lesson four is all about thinking outside of the digital box. Take some time to brainstorm how you could do something different on a digital platform. Step outside of your company’s comfort zone and create a vision for digital innovation. This will help your business to reach new audiences and connect with existing customers in a new and exciting way. 

Now Is The Time 

There has never been a better time to start rethinking your digital CX transformation. Your customers and potential customers are all online. Start thinking, planning and taking steps towards an elevated digital customer experience. 

Ralph Lauren have proved this can result in a high level of business growth, customer acquisition and reaching new audiences. 

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