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Welcome to my brand-new company blog. I’m delighted you’re here and hope to add value to your busy day!

Let me start by introducing myself…. My name is Rachel and I’m the Founder of The Experience Corporation. We provide skills based and practical training for corporate professionals across various industries. We specialise in customer experience, professional communication and time management.

Who Am I?

I have 15 years of industry experience working in professional customer services and customer experience roles. I’ve worked at several large retailers on the shop floor, Santander bank helping to run a retail branch and had a 7-year career at the U.K’s Financial Ombudsman Service. I also obtained a Professional Bankers Diploma from the Chartered Bankers Institute. 

Quitting My 9-5

OK, That’s the boring stuff – now onto the meaty stuff like why I quit my job to start a training company. 

Throughout my career, I just loved teaching and training people. This led to me volunteer as a customer service trainer alongside my day job. I provided training for the NHS, a small retailer, a non-profit and a local council. The experience of putting content together and teaching my skills was amazing. 

The Feeling of Freedom

The freedom of not being tied to a desk was exhilarating and almost too good to be true. 

I dived into a mass amount of research about training companies and how to start a business. After the birth of my second child Gabriella, I decided it was time to take the plunge. So I left the security of a monthly salary, the glass building in Canary Wharf, a pension and subsidised lunches (that was the hardest – I’ll miss my 7 items breakfast).

Since starting the company I’ve been featured on Mycustomer, CX Magazine and The Female Entrepreneur Association. I’ve worked with some brilliant companies helping them to improve customer experience including The Atlas Building in London. 

The journey has had many ups and downs but I’m so glad I listened to my gut and stepped out in faith! 

Why I Started The Blog

I started The Experience Blog to provide a resource hub for corporate professionals, team leaders and business owners looking to brush up on their customer experience skills. My goal is to provide continuous value for those working in customer-facing roles. The blog is also designed to support managers, entrepreneurs and senior executives to lead customer-centric organisations.

It’s not always easy working with customers and leading teams or organisations with customer-facing staff. In fact, it can be very tough.

This blog is designed to be a pillar of support for all those championing the service industry. 

What’s Covered In The Blog?

The Experience Blog will cover the following topics:

  • Customer experience 
  • Building a customer centric organisation 
  • CX culture change
  • Time management 
  • Professional communication 
  • Professional complaint handling 
  • Call centre training 
  • Industry specific resources

Who Is The Blog For?

That’s a great question! My blog is designed specifically for the following types of people: 

  • CEO’s of corporate organisations 
  • Business owners 
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Customer Experience professionals 
  • Team leaders and managers of customer facing teams 
  • Call centre managers 
  • Board members of large corporates 
  • Leaders of non-profit organisations
  • Customer-facing staff  

What Industries Are Covered In The Blog?

Here is a specific list of industry’s that will get the most out of the blog: 

  • Financial services (banking, insurance & investments)
  • Retail 
  • Property
  • Legal services 
  • Healthcare 
  • Travel and Aviation 
  • Ecommerce 
  • Business services 
  • Consulting 

New Content Every Week

If you’re a team leader, business owner or customer experience professional plug into all the amazing free content. 

I’ll be publishing new content every week so sign up to receive lots of practical tips, a fresh perspective and valuable insights. 

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