The Experience Corporation provides customer service and customer experience improvement solutions for frontline staff, team leaders and Executives. We do this through training, coaching and consulting. 

The world has changed recently and more customers are placing excellent service as their top priority when choosing a product or service provider.

Additionally, research has shown the following: 

  • The top issue which customers want companies to fix is to have more friendly and knowledgeable staff (UKCSI). 
  • Companies who focus on Customer Experience (CX) outperform their competitors by 80% (Forrester). 
  • Customer spending increases by up to 140% following a positive customer experience (Deloitte)

The Experience Corporation is passionate about delivering results for your organisation through our services. This includes more satisfied customers, streamlined internal processes and staff who equipped to deliver outstanding experiences.

Our mission is simple:

To help our clients to deliver exceptional customer experiences by providing high quality consulting services and practical training solutions.

The Experience Blog

Our blog provides guidance and tips about customer experience, professional development, staff training, customer-centric leadership and so much more!

Research & Writing

We provide an expert and professional research & writing service for corporate organisations such as the UK’s the National Health Service (NHS).

Check out our Research & Writing page for more information.


Our online training courses provide practical steps to equip your customer facing staff with the skills they need to serve your customers to a high level. 

Our expertly designed courses are made for frontline employees who work across a number of industries such as:

  • Digital Banking
  • Traditional Banking 
  • Retail 
  • Ecommerce
  • Healthcare 
  • Public Sector Organisations

“The Experience Corporation provided an excellent service. Rachel managed the work extremely well, accommodating our amendments and ensuring the work met our needs. She is very organised, using a project management structure that enables the work to progress.

Rachel was very professional and friendly. She is an excellent researcher and writer. A pleasure to work with – I wish all suppliers were like this!”

Karen Field – Strategy Lead – Improvement Cymru (NHS Wales)

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